Why Choose Office Partitions?

Why Choose Office Partitions?

In the past, we’ve talked about open-plan office spaces and how most modern businesses are incorporating that style instead of the outdated stuffy offices of yesterday. There are many benefits to having an open-plan office, including team building, fitness and mental wellbeing.

While open-plan offices can often bring people together in a company, the most common complaints arise from employees who feel they lack privacy and are experiencing noise distractions. Just because you have an open-plan office doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to all privacy though!

Custom partitions are perfect for allowing staff privacy while working in their modern ‘open’ office. There are so many fantastic ways modern partitions can be installed, with each style and material offering different unique solutions, fitted to the purpose of your office needs. 

You don’t have to sacrifice the welcoming atmosphere of an open-plan office either. For example, glass partitions are a great way to minimise noise pollution workspaces without compromising the visibility of an open office. This way people won’t feel boxed in like in the cubicles of the old days and you can have it both ways!

Office Partitions are extremely practical, stylish and adaptable design solutions for any modern business. At Gannon, we have an extensive range of prefabricated, removable or dis-mountable partitions in glass, wood, steel and composite materials. These can be fitted with integrated panelling or manifestation. 

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