Office partitions are the perfect way to separate an open office into more manageable workspaces. Partitions have so many great uses in the office that it’s impossible to list them all! There are so many different designs and configurations that you can use to create a better environment. 

What Are The Types Of Office Partitions?

There are many types of office partitions, including prefabricated and removable or dismountable partitions. Glass, wood, steel and composite materials are all popular choices of material and style. Partitions can help create a more modern and stylish workplace design. Plus, partitions can be adapted to changing needs, making them a very practical solution for the modern office.

Here are just five ways that office partitions can create a better workplace for your employees and your business as a whole.


Offices have changed but for many companies, the importance of occasional privacy hasn’t. In the modern office, more and more companies are moving towards open plan designs. This can be beneficial for collaboration and creativity as we have discussed in the past. However, it can also lead to a loss of privacy. Office partitions can help to create a balance between these two extremes by providing your workforce with privacy whilst working in open plan surroundings.

Increased Noise Reduction

Office partitions are a great method of noise reduction by minimising outside distractions. You can also use them in your office to minimise distractions to other staff, if you or other colleagues are having internal meetings, or phone calls. 

More Control Over Lighting

Light can have a massive impact on the morale and productivity of an office. Depending on what you’re looking for, glass partitions can be easily used to maximise or minimise light. The glass structure can be a nice way to make your office feel bright and spacious to staff and visitors, utilising the sunshine to your advantage. Equally, you can also use office partitions as a way of blocking out the more distracting rays of sun, particularly in the summer months, if shade is what you’re looking for.

It’s A Cost effective Option

Office partitions are a far more cost-effective method of dividing up an office, than permanent walls. Adding rigid walls to your workplace will be expensive and won’t offer you the freedom of easy expansion and customisation. It’s going to be a far easier and cheaper affair, for example, if you decide to remodel your office space for the new year, as you will be afforded plenty of freedom of movement with removable or dismountable partitions.

They Look Fresh & Modern

It may seem superficial, but first impressions count. If you have potential customers or desirable career applicants visiting your workplace, you will want to ensure they come away with the impression that your organisation is forward-thinking and cutting-edge. Office dividers that incorporate modern aesthetics, such as glass partitions, are a fantastic way to introduce people to your organisation. You can also add your logo and branding to customise your own partitions further. It’s time to modernise and stand out!

So these are just some of many great ways that office partitions can affect your workplace for the better. Make sure to check out our other blogs for more office design and workplace tips.

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