Business owners need to understand their staff and keep the workplace up to date in order to encourage wellbeing and productivity, as well as retaining high-value employees. Studying the office design trends of the day will help you make your workplace an amazing place to do business.

Which trends will be big in 2023 and beyond?  Here are some things you should know about getting the most from your office design.

Go with open floor plans

Offices are going with open layouts because millennials prefer engagement and fulfilment in their jobs. Open-plan office layouts improve employee engagement, which encourages more collaboration and higher levels of staff satisfaction.

Get eco-friendly

More businesses are taking the eco-friendly approach to interior design by using sustainable materials such as bamboo floors, LED lighting, natural light, recycled building materials, and much more. 

Motivate with inspirational colour schemes

Interior design can be a great way to improve employee engagement through visual motivation. Paint your office interior with colours that make you feel happy, energised, or inspired. You could maybe start by choosing colours from Pantone’s colour of the year!

Use modern tech

The modern office is becoming more and more high-tech. This means that it’s important to make sure all of your employees are on board with the latest gadgets, so they’re able to do their jobs efficiently.

Increase productivity with proper lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in office design because it can have such a significant impact on productivity. Natural light is the best option, but you should also take into consideration how many windows are available, where the light will come from, and what type of light bulb should be used. A good rule of thumb is to use an incandescent bulb during daytime hours, fluorescent at lunchtime when more people are working, and then switching over to an LED bulb after 5pm.

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