Improve Employee Well-Being And Productivity With An Open-Space Office

Improve Employee Well-Being And Productivity With An Open-Space Office

The design of office interiors has come a long way since the stuffy cubicle offices of the 20th century. Today, an employee’s wellbeing has been identified as the key contributor to their success and productivity. As our attitudes to work have been evolving and expanding, so have the design and structure of our offices. The ideal modern office features ergonomic seating, desk partitions and open-space planning. 

In a survey published by Future Workplace, trends strongly suggest that younger employees favour an open office layout. At Gannon, we have discussed this phenomenon before, and advise employers to recognise this change. If you want the best graduate staff in your business, it’s time to give them what they want.  

So why are open-space offices catching everyone’s attention?

Inspiring Creativity

Open-space offices are perfect for teamwork and especially useful for getting the creative juices flowing. Graphic design agencies, architects, marketeers and clothing companies will all need to bounce ideas off one another and be in regular communication. 
Without physical boundaries, an open-floor workspace will inspire creativity and result in higher productivity.

 Good For Your Health

Open-space workplaces can have positive health consequences for staff, who find they have higher levels of physical activity and the social connections. 
American researchers in 2018 found that participants who worked in an open-space office were 20% more physically active than those worked in cubicles. They also noted that participants had lower levels of stress as a result.

This means that your staff will be healthier and happier, leaving them better equipped to handle the daily tasks of their jobs.

Staff Integration & Public Image

In an old fashioned office setup, employees from different departments rarely have the chance to openly communicate and build connections. Managers can end up typecast into the role of an ‘unapproachable boss’ hidden away in their stuffy rooms

Employees can generally feel isolated and uninspired throughout the day, without much incentive to bring new ideas to the table. This not only has negative effects on teamwork and a sense of community, the company’s public image also suffers.

 If you need to host big client meetings, or greet new customers, do you really want your brand to be represented by a clinical or stuffy environment? An open-space office breaks down the corporate barriers and removes outdated ‘boss’ hierarchies. This humanising design approach to your office will make staff happier and your customers will like what you’re about.


So to conclude, an open-plan workplace can help to:

  • Increase teamwork
  • Boost staff morale and creativity
  • Encourage an active lifestyle
  • Present a fresh and positive impression to the public

 There are so many unique features you can use to customise and enhance an open-plan office. At Gannon, we are always ahead of the curve in style and design implementation. 

 Through clever design and space planning, collaborating with the client, local architects and interior designers, we create and arrive at beautiful workspaces, which are fit for purpose and serve the client’s business objectives.

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