Why Everyone Is Getting Office Meeting Pods

Why Everyone Is Getting Office Meeting Pods

A very popular trend in modern offices is the addition of office pods or ‘meeting booths’ to the workplace. These pods provide a fresh and modern take on the idea of collaborative work and one-to-one business meetings. Comfortable and accessible pods fit perfectly into an open-plan workspace, offering a healthy mix of intimacy and flexibility over traditional seating and meeting arrangements at work.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Open-plan offices are very popular these days, but not everyone is as fanatic about the freedom sound is given to move throughout the workplace. With noise travelling around the office on a day to day basis, this can serve as a big distraction for some employees. However, most modern meeting booths/office pods are now being designed with soundproofing and noise control in mind, which means there’s never been a better time to invest in them.


While many companies have adopted and embraced the benefits of open-space workplaces as part of their interior design, another problem that employees can experience is a growing lack of privacy. Many staff members complain that they lack appropriate spaces finish complicated tasks alone, or find it hard to conduct sensitive or confidential conversations at work. Having an office pod allows for staff privacy when needed, while also increasing employee concentration and reducing stress.

Gannon supply a range of efficient and cutting edge acoustic solutions in the form of office pods, acoustic panels, screens and wall systems that assist in controlling noise disturbance in the workspace.
Pods also offer similar benefits with additional room-in-room solutions, these provide acoustic privacy for those using the pod as a quiet space, or for participating in meetings and phone calls. Why not get in touch? We’d love To hear from you and explore how we can work together:

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